Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Fear of Honesty
Fear of Lonliness
Fear of Failure

What does this even mean? I've seen this before and I overcame it. I'm not a young man finding his way. I'm a grown man designing his plan. It didn't go how I planned, but that don't mean the intentions and idea were flawed. The blessing push me to the end,but I won't fall.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Weeknd

After looking back on my writings on this blog. I have to take a moment and acknowledge the artist The Weeknd. I find that I referenced his songs repeatedly over the last several months. I have not seen an artist with that mixture of lyrics, production, and uniqueness in one package. The mixture of his voice and the production is uncanny. Since I first heard House of Balloons I've been amazed with his writing ability. This is one of the greatest, if not the GREATEST ALBUM of 2011. I enjoyed EVERY song on the album, which I haven't done in a very long time. I could feel the raw emotions convey through his voice. The rhyme of the album is melodic and I had to take a moment and acknowledge that Team. They are creating some of the best music out right now. I look forward to the growth of his artistry. I wouldn't consider myself a fan, because I don't personally know any of these people. But I love the music that they are making. I had to say something because today his second album Thursday is all that I listen to. I am attaching a link to FREE ALBUMS. Take a minute and give them a good listen. Send a comment. I'm interested in the thoughts of everyone who listens to this album. Peace, Love, and Happiness.

Lonely Star

I'm just a lonely star.
An anomaly in the quasars
Star ships shot this lasers
But that don't phase us.

We are stars, gems, living rough, hard
We done care this experience to us is par
Together with all our friends, we still afar
Crazy enough to have Pusha calling "My God"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We don't stop what we enjoy, until we enjoy something else more.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Addict of Love

Three long totes of the blunt
Memories of the things I want
Can't stunt, I'm hunter being hunted
Growing up feeling stunted
Those eyes that haunt my dreams
That thing that give me a taste
...of pleasure
...gettin' better
...much better
...light as feather
But I escape for only seconds
Cause inside this is my lessons
Guess they ushered my confession
The eternal life blood letting


I am including some more of art on this page...appreciate the following!


Becoming better takes time
Takes getting out of line
There is another direction I find
I can't front that I have been behind
I haven't forgotten my past
But I need to get pass my past
We started early, time moved fast
I know there are things I can improve
I accepting the old me, while I'm renewed

Monday, May 23, 2011

Moments Notice

Still haunted by dreams of you.
Memories aren't suppose to rule

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inspirational Looks

Kiss an angel and see my angle
Ride this emotion, could you handle
All this emotion may be dismantled
Telling the truth to the jury and panel
She told me she was gone for good
But some how we still panned out
War of the hearts; with a man down
She said I wasn't what she wanted
The perfect prey for the hunted
Post my picture on her mind: Wanted
I can't front I love this chase
Circular sex around my place
She looks me in the face and sees
Everywhere she wants to be
But in me she fear instability
I can't be what I have never been
All I am is a lover, soldier, and friend
The sex and emotions are plus
But I rather take the love over lust
This age makes it's a little more rough
The addiction to make her back hurt
Is where I determine my self worth
She takes a piece of me in her purse
My hands on her thighs are my flirts
In palm is the filth and the gift
You'll understand when you kiss my lips
This is beyond what you could imagine
Meeting at the middle
This is the tidal at the top of your T's
The perfect section of all of your needs
Maybe you could feel me with one E
But this is real ecstasy, best believe me


Everybody wants you
You can have them all
But I got what you need
Girl I got your back

Friday, April 29, 2011

No Pain, No Gain

Unlocking my restrained reality...

The Passion of Life

Write as if it was simplistic
Living life like it's all terrific
Motivation is premade in the spirit
Talk to me and you can hear it
Young man too focus to lose it
Walking in the footsteps clueless
Who knew this would happen
She found something in my lacking
Opposite lust still are attracting
I'm laughing cause I'm stacking
She thinking I'm her Bin Laden
Easy to pursue til she enters
The experience of my center
We're different but similar
And I'm still into her
Can't fend off my competitor
Guess this confidence means little
Playing with my emotion like a fiddler
Complex love was so much simpler
Scenes of my life are just hints to her
Warming up from that sudden temper
She came from a time when he hit her
I rather live in her, the center, a winner
I'm not scared to say I fear relationships
But you make me understand I mistaken
Waiting around for the sign to enter

Words I Never Said


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Return of the Life

So after months of being a recluse
Someone let me out, now I'm lose
This is war, we can't make a truce
We speeding to the end, no cruise
Who knew that I would be back to
What I use to love to do
Who I use to love to do
Who knew how I keep meeting you
The sun raise and the darkness flew
We are here in a duel of the hearts
I write my art as a part of the start
This sour taste you left before, now is tart
That was the interlude to the best part
Now I'm back from the coldest winter
When others exits that was when I entered


Bring your love, baby I can bring my shame
Bring the drugs, baby I can bring my pain
I got my heart right here, I got my scars right here
Bring the cups, baby I can bring the drink

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thick and Thin

We are together thru this struggle
Everyday seems like a life hustle
We can't let go of the bullshit
But can't admit we created it
Sick of acting like I don't care
When you leave I'm pulling my hair
Wiping away all the tears
Stop listening, acting like I hear
While imagining I wasn't here
But who cares?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Loneliness' Beacon

What do you when it's all a lie?
She made me believe together we die
The more time together, the more I cry
Smile on the outside, empty on the inside
Moved cause I thought it was true love
Stayed cause I knew there was nothing above
Ready to leave cause it's not me that she loves
She loves the image of marriage
To me it seems more like a mirage
No intimacy, No passion, No romance
How do we move forward with this
We now have kids, do I go and leave them?
She knows how I feel about our children
Life without daily kisses from them
Make my life worth not living
So now I'm a rough place
Between reasons to go and the voice that tells me to listen.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quitters Mentality

Do you stay cause it's right? Or do you leave because that makes you happy?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Follow Me

I admit that there is a part of me that fears that I can't be monogamist. I'm always in the search for the feeling of the perfect kiss. The lady that would be perfect to have around my babies. Maybe I should cool out before I sang "Sadie" and she gone. These nights get long when you living in the wrong. The liquor too strong from my tongue and the strong arm of the law is looking for the boy. I can't continue on this track, but it's feels that I lack consistency. Anonymously on the blog so how much of me do you know when you see that it's completely me. I fear telling everyone that I wrote these words because the may be perturb or think it's up surd that I have felt afflicted since birth. Things can see like they change, but honestly just rearrange to the same. I can't claim that I changed when honestly I just masked more of me. Others seek the fame when I just want to share my reality, not for a salary, actually I want to just be happy. These nights seem to lack lasting, so I'm just tracking the past. Every moment show a lack of class, but now I wash away the ash and put it all on blast. Can't stay the same for ever. The more clever, longer and stronger endeavors, all the better. If I seem like I'm a little different, it's probably cause I struggle with listening. This world can be sicking, but I can't let it restrict me form glistening. The most high looks down with a frown on the whole town, city, it seems like grandma lost all her pity when her grandson feel in love with titties. HIV and TV got the world sickly. In the draft of life, no one want to pick these realities. So I just survive as a causality of the reality we City

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why stay with him if they don't make you feel like this?

Just reflecting...memories of bliss

Monday, January 17, 2011

Square Dancer

I never knew that when I wrote this blog it would be an opportunity to change me. Reading the words of my past coming back to rearrange me. Looking in the mirror has been like moving in with a stranger. Trying to find peace in the eyes of the kid in the manger. Throat hurt like I went on a date with the strangler. Some people are gonna think I'm weird, I guess I'm not writing for all of you over there. It appears that in the middle of lack of discipline was the lesson to be learned. The wise words were written before these books was burned. These are not just random, these are the moments of a mishandling, panhandling Sandman. I guess my new occupation hasn't paid off, so back to reevaluating the cost. Self employed version of someone to boss. Rolling down the road in hopes to build no moss. When I find it, no need to floss, just a moment to talk about how I was taught. Middle class phantom trying to survive off the famine.

Happy MLK Day

Homage to the Greats who do what many couldn't...

Y R U Back

If you wonder where I have's a little reflective thought

Too far to come back home
Too lost to know I was gone
Too broke to get some help
Too much pain from the whelps
Too many emotions to feel
Too real to understand the deal
Too hard to cry about it
Too honest to lie about it
Too many times I'm done
Too many nights I'm the only one
Too much my past hasn't passed
Too many times, this was my last
Too many dollars and no class
Too many times I act unabashed
Guess is why I returned back
Guess this is the audience I attract.