Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winner's Winter

Since the last post what has trans past.
Couldn't mask that my young ass grew up
Dreams of my false reality just blew up
Now my lady has been found out
My son now knows what I'm about
The open hands and close mouth
Left me wondering about
When I said I was gonna change
Was I just saying all the same
More like I was ashamed
Too busy validating my actions
More like the lack there of
I can't act if I didn't do it
The misfits and laundry list of regrets
Makes me miss when I thought this was it
Full stomach, empty heart, I'm so sick
I can't call to apologize for the lies
However, I could have applied the whys
There are hints that this was gonna happen
I was starring in the show that I was acting
No supporters, No viewers, Talent lacking
Value can't come from just being attractive
But without action or passion, I'm just...

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3pieceonline said...

Wow! Guess who's back huh.