Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saving Grace

I have began searching for my happy place again. I was posting some quotes that motivate me to move my spirit to the pinnacle it needs to be at. When I accepted mediocrity that was all I was receiving. Over the past week, I have had my ups and downs...much of the time more downs than ups. I am not forgetting the power that is located inside my spirit, I just overlook it for the temporary struggles that I'm facing. That king that sits on the inside of me has been waiting to grow and take it's rightful place on the throne of greatness. When I was following the path of failure I was surrounded by failure. When I woke up and realized that I must change my mindset and thought process and how that would change my surroundings and environment I saw things transforming. I laugh now because my new quote of life is "the spiritually wealthy is sometimes the ones who are financially broke." I am manifesting that spiritual wealth into a tangible material that will provide all the things that are necessary for growth and development. The world is changing around us, because it's changing within us.

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Nome said...

Great post good brotha! It came just in time......;)
Even at a distance, I'm always with you!