Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Black Standard

Astrodon Johnstoni

Now that Obama is the President of the United States I would like to put together my wish list for White America who would now like to take full credit for a multicultural person who they would have lynch, assassinate, or murder if he was not the President.

1. Are all people who are 1% white considered white now...please tell the University of Michigan who wouldn't let in my mulatto cousin.

2. Are young black men going to stop being murdered without reason or due process...ask Shawn Bell, Oscar Grant, and the millions killed by police brutality.

3. Is funding going to be given to Black communities that have been disproportionately funded since reconstruction...I have plenty of school to suggest.

4. Are white women going to acknowledge that all they want to do is be like Black women by telling the rest of America why they inject poisons into their lips, breast, buttocks, and any other body part they admire?

5. Are white men accepting the fact that they secretly fear that Black people who understand their power and abilities are the biggest threat to this nation.

6. Are Rockefeller Laws going to be repealed so that there are not young Black men going to jail for mandatory minimum for crack cocaine versus white with just powdered cocaine?

7. Are Black people going to truly realize their power and change the world that admires and fears them at the same time?

8. Are Black women going to understand that they can have a good Black man if they work to be a good Black woman?

9. Is the media still going to dictate what people believe, regardless if it is right or wrong?

10. Are you going to do something about change instead of waiting for a President to change the world for you!

These are just my thoughts after driving 500 miles to see the Newest President of the United States. I still see work to do Malcolm...who is our forgotten hero.

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3pieceonline said...

we are just getting started. Let us be the standard bearers for the slowest of us.