Friday, August 29, 2008


President Barack Obama

Last night might be the most powerful night of my life, thus far. I witnessed not only a Black man make the best argument to be the next president of the United State, but witness the reality that anything can be accomplished if you focus on the goal. I have bear witness to one of the greatest orators, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs (look at his campaign to the best business model) of history. I have never been so inspired to know that the change I am making is a reflection of the great changes that occur around me. When you see a symbol of vigor, astuteness, and change stand in front of you. You watch, as he not only looks like you, he speaks like you, and represents you. It is at that very moment you realize that he is you. When I have conversations with people, I repeatedly tell them that we create our reality, and the things that we see are a reflection of us. Last night, was that glare in the mirror that does nothing more than show you how strong, beautiful and articulate you are. We are blessed to have witness one of the greatest men in history. It is only after you feel the passion, commitment and undying strength that you realize that


Viva La Vida - Coldplay

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