Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Morning

Today is the first day of my journey. Will I face my failures and make them my strengths or will I surcome to my weaknesses? Today, I worked hard on my studies, fitness, and understanding. I even chilled with (add a name) today. No mistakes or forced running, but time will come for challenges. I have to admit that I have increasingly begun to think about the past things I have done and how I could better those situations. I will attempt to write to those that I have touched and can’t remember. She remembers experiencing me, and I can’t even remember her name. What does that reflect in the person I am….excuse me…was.

Anonymous Woman

I have played in your garden, and smelled your flowers

Ate one or two to sense parts of your feminine powers

Tasting, touching and feeling your soul as I devour

Running back to my castle of trust as a coward

Sharing little of myself in the experience

But using you to enhance the trance during this dance

Can you remember those moments?

Can you enter this omen and understand that no man

Should touch your hand without being a part of your plan

And I stand here, after I have had some of the best ones

Added them together and came up with a sum of none

Because at the end, they were all gone.

Losing my religion - R.E.M.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. I'm sure you've got fantastic people around you to keep you on the path to greatness! Keep us posted. -bg

God's pupil said...

Thanks for the support