Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good afternoon

What was I thinking to expose myself in such a way that you could see inside the door of my life. You could see the failures and mistakes I make....repeatedly, easily, and seamlessly. I told them to stay away cause today was my day to find myself, and then the first one called and asked "What am I doing?" In my mind I'm thinking "trying to not sleep with you." But my mouth say "Nothing". Stupid me. She comes over and chill. We sit and talk about the shit (i.e. everything but this moment). In the midst of the conversation I heard about her trials and tribulation, reasons for elation and the facts that she still lives on the plantation. I'm facing hard times cause all I want to do is plug her mouth, but my self control tells me not to. Damn I hate listening to me...:(

The Makings Of You - Curtis Mayfield

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