Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a student...

I don't know what comes over me at times:) Tell me what you think of this.

She told me that she wanted a real man
So I reached out the palm of my hand
There she stands wondering if I am..
what I say I am...the existence of man
Everything that she could imagine
All my thoughts broken into fractions
Can't let her past on the experience
This could be the pretense to an intense
You standing there smiling so hard it hurts
And I can't help but flirt, in my eyes you're first
So intrigued that as we speak I seek
For the second to taste what you speak
Your site could mesmerize the virgin eyes
Of someone who never seen a Queen in their sites
I can't help but appreciate the things you do
Damn, you even have on some fly ass shoes
Too cool for these tools who drool over you
Talking that caca poo poo :)
I knew I could get another smile out of you

Sleepy Brown - Oh Ho Hum (Ft.Joi) - Sleepy Brown


Anonymous said...

It seems as though you are simply "in love" with the presence of a female. Is this true? Does the feelings that you experince in situtations such as this stay, or do they simply diminish as time goes on. I wonder if you actually truly desired to be the man that this woman seeks...

Anonymous said...

I second that notion.