Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good morning

Tomorrow is the beginning of another chapter in my life. I am going to begin a journey in my life that I have not faced at any other part of my life.

The Journey:

Min 30 days/ 30 nights

There will be NO sex, drugs, alcohol.

There will be: Meditation, exercising, focusing, goal setting, READING, and soul searching.

I must write throughout the entire process to see what I am facing and dealing with as a travel to my heightened mind.

Today I guess I could explain in a poem:

I have made mistakes; no where close to perfect.

But why do I sit on this island deserted, again.

I stand my position so that I could place my favorite stake

Watching out for the yin to my yang; no give and take.

I must understand that this is best

Don’t stress; that’s useless in this existence,

I should have read it in the pretence of my cerebral cortex

In 1994 I introduced to my favorite drug

Outweighed the thug love and the dodging the black slugs

I was happy to feel these presences in essence

Thought I was the wealthiest amongst the peasants

(Hold on, do you understand that line, this was my thinking most of the time)

I walked the fine line between two dimes at a time.

Thinking nunu had me so subdued,

I ended up on an island on life’s cruse

I would be patient to hold it, console it,

Even foolish enough to think I controlled it

(Hey it’s me again) but I don’t listen to my conscience

Ego told me he was on some nonsense (he’s too damn honest)

I thought I was better man because I had better women

Swimming in the ocean of them, lost and drowning

Not knowing that I was going down when she tasted her on him

30 days to make memories, history… not forgotten

Just take some time to know that I could stop it. (Honest)

The Time to start is now!!! ENLIGHTENMENT*

Legend In His Own Mind - Gill Scott Heron

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