Monday, January 17, 2011

Square Dancer

I never knew that when I wrote this blog it would be an opportunity to change me. Reading the words of my past coming back to rearrange me. Looking in the mirror has been like moving in with a stranger. Trying to find peace in the eyes of the kid in the manger. Throat hurt like I went on a date with the strangler. Some people are gonna think I'm weird, I guess I'm not writing for all of you over there. It appears that in the middle of lack of discipline was the lesson to be learned. The wise words were written before these books was burned. These are not just random, these are the moments of a mishandling, panhandling Sandman. I guess my new occupation hasn't paid off, so back to reevaluating the cost. Self employed version of someone to boss. Rolling down the road in hopes to build no moss. When I find it, no need to floss, just a moment to talk about how I was taught. Middle class phantom trying to survive off the famine.

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