Saturday, January 22, 2011

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I admit that there is a part of me that fears that I can't be monogamist. I'm always in the search for the feeling of the perfect kiss. The lady that would be perfect to have around my babies. Maybe I should cool out before I sang "Sadie" and she gone. These nights get long when you living in the wrong. The liquor too strong from my tongue and the strong arm of the law is looking for the boy. I can't continue on this track, but it's feels that I lack consistency. Anonymously on the blog so how much of me do you know when you see that it's completely me. I fear telling everyone that I wrote these words because the may be perturb or think it's up surd that I have felt afflicted since birth. Things can see like they change, but honestly just rearrange to the same. I can't claim that I changed when honestly I just masked more of me. Others seek the fame when I just want to share my reality, not for a salary, actually I want to just be happy. These nights seem to lack lasting, so I'm just tracking the past. Every moment show a lack of class, but now I wash away the ash and put it all on blast. Can't stay the same for ever. The more clever, longer and stronger endeavors, all the better. If I seem like I'm a little different, it's probably cause I struggle with listening. This world can be sicking, but I can't let it restrict me form glistening. The most high looks down with a frown on the whole town, city, it seems like grandma lost all her pity when her grandson feel in love with titties. HIV and TV got the world sickly. In the draft of life, no one want to pick these realities. So I just survive as a causality of the reality we City

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