Monday, June 7, 2010


The plan to transplant these thoughts to words is absurd

How you transfer 30 years to 16 bars, 3 verses, and the word

This is my time to transform the world I see by being just me

I don’t think that this Sweetie could be my Sweet Tea simply

Because she has a pearl white teeth, nice smile and cute feet

In the end that means nothing to me and the things I achieve

She might forget about me when I’m in a dire need for reprieve

Can’t figure that these pains can change, rearrange all these stains

When I see success I know that I must refrain from being drained

My time is coming and I’m constantly learning that bridge burning

Is ok, if they aren’t on the same side of tracks where you’re learning

In the land of the brave that can’t stand all the flames

I know I should refrain from telling the truth about this reality

They think they own me since they put me on this salary

No dollar amount can amount this freedom that mounts

I been to the water and all I found was more thirsty people

Looking for someone else to tell them that they’re equal

The American mind state breeds more of the feeble

I am an entrepreneur who lived in an emotional repo

Spent two night in this Regal staring at the steeple

Now playing: Drake - 9AM in Dallas Freestyle


Princess Diari's said...

WAAA!!!..that was a good poems :D
i love u peoms

God's Pupil said...

Thank You