Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fresh Face

The thought of being here without you is scary.

Thin coats of pain paint a life that feels so airy.

Mornings eyes in the mirror continually tearing

Still fixing my buttons after last night with Tahiry

It appears that we are much of the same

Same aim, same pain, same train, same claims

We don’t attempt to work through our problems

Keep letting the insolvent nonsense solve them

We are both the emotional victims of living

Still recovering from the last time we were giving

Need to take a minute and listen to my intuition

But when those legs are glistening, I’m forgetting

So sickening…

So freaking sickening…

So it’s all written in these poems that I'm scripting

Hoping these words are fixing all this bullshitting

No need to coat the words with lies that I hide

After all the different tries, still haven’t obliged

Funny how time flies when you’re sky high

Guess that’s when I’ll know if I arrived

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