Friday, March 12, 2010

The Watchers

The lesson that everyone has sponsored is so questionable
Read about the lie on the front of the Post in the Vestibule
I know that it's my time to transform into my greatness
Can't sleep every night, still dealing with being complacent
No enjoyment in the moment cause I'm too cautious
I have to win, since I wrote these thoughts flawless
In my younger years I feared that my peers would jeer
Now I don't care cause I already heard what they hear
Wipe away all the tears and move from here to there
The last thought is always "Why did I even care?"
Guess I deal with the same demons that were in the semen
Karma is the reason I can't past all the same actions repeating
This man and hand that wrote out "How to Achieve God's Plan"
Then never wrote the introduction cause I was too busy lusting
She still telling me that I need to change, but I see it as fussing
This is what I am, not just a belief, it's the reason I must be brief

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