Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Bound

So we're locked in this room together
Snow outside, Hell inside feels better
My emotions made me Helter Skelter
Past problems made my heart welter
It's easier to blame someone else for this
Like it wasn't my lips that wanted the kiss
She seen my problems with ways to solve them
What I do? Just get up and run.
Run for the ones who can make me forget
Always high til I come back to the same shit
She wonders what wrong with my energy
Why I treat her like she was the enemy
When in reality, it was always me in infamy
I can blame the pains on the industry
The family problems that seem infinitely
I spent everything to get thru times
But always ended back at the white lines
I don't know if I will change
I don't know if I want to change
I don't know if I can let go of this pain

I do need to go
I do need to grow
Do I need some more!?

Now playing: Stevie Wonder - I Don't Know Why

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