Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Likely to Amaze

Why can't stop writing my poetry
When no one even knows me
This is the only way for me
To explain my experience
Writing Life with no periods
Mask the pain with arrogance
Trying to get pass on appearance
But at least I remember the last dance
Spent my pay advance in hope of change
Then realize I just cleaned up and rearranged
The days are coming to an end
I'm still here where it all begins
No need for friends with no ends
No time for them and I to spend
Can't tell them I am better
Since yesterday I wore this sweater
Heart lighter than a feather
But can't stand when they pelt ya
Strugglin to get out this phase
Like I running around a maze
More likely to forget better days
But had to move from the A
No place for me to raze my family
Between the lustful haze
And mind living in the cave
I wasn't gonna bless the stage
When I'm in the back enraged
About the gays and strays
Like they affect my thinking
But my disconnected mind wasn't linking
Decided that I would do better, drinking
Then God told me to quit the Henny
Standing here like "He's the Prince and I'm Semi"

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