Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pour out my last

I use my poetry to escape this cave
Inside here, I am my own best slave
The face of stone with heart of shame
Cover it up with selfless versions of vain
I was trained to be better than this
But I must admit I was better when amidst
The trained eye couldn't have imagined
The real Macho Man Randy Savage
Mama always said "too much, makes you an addict"
And I just had to have it, just a crack at it's fabric
Then I was rearranged, easily blamed for the same
It was completely my fault that you enter my vault
What a web we weave when we end up caught
But these dreams of me are the only things I haunt
And these nightmare turn to night terror at eight
Laughing like you really seen some pain in your lifetime
I'm constantly thinking we were born with a life line
So I step back and look at these times invested
And know that from here on, Life has more lessons

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