Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer

I should have written this a year ago but I fear that those who know me might see this as my moment to be vulnerable. It's been a long time since u heard my voice and today I swear I heard yours. I moved on to being ready for marriage, but that seems more like a mirage. I still taste your lip gloss mixed with my flaws and got lost in the sauce. But enough with the past. I need to move past our past which has passed. I know that you have moved on because I pushed you away. But still today I drive by your way in hope that our eyes don't gaze because that when I remember those days. The first day when we kissed in the rain and I couldn't blame anyone for being so into you. But days have changed and I should forget your name. Oddly enough, I can admit I still can't.

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