Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prince and the Pauper

My false reality reads "With the guts is the glory"
Brought into my own lie written in this story
Crashing train speeding is ready to arrive shortly
Gotta beat this life long struggle quickly (eh eh)
Pins and needles continuously sticking me
The hickeys are marks left on the sickly like me
Inside her pants I found my identity
Holding me infinitely until I break free
Sadly I don't know if I even want to leave
Tonight I do me, tomorrow I put my pain on the sleeve
Hearts around me have to withstand the breeze
Cause it easier for me to freeze than let her see
Standing in front of the mirror even hurts me
Not because I'm ugly, but because I stare grudgingly
Should have left years ago, but lack of self control
Makes me know that I need to go back to the basics
But even at the basis I was full of bullshit
Stood in front of the pulpit and that'll do it
Hands on approach to coming to grip
Then found out my reverend does this shit
Make me feel sick cause I don't want it
Rather than change, I batter myself in flatter
And the liquor keeps the walls of lies plastered

The comforting kiss of the illusionist makes bliss on my lips
The eyes are the rubber band ties to my perfect drug
The thighs are the high that keeps me so in love
I gotta go...gotta find me...gotta rise above...gotta stand up

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