Friday, October 16, 2009


I know that she misses my kisses.
Since I admit I miss all of my misses
This sickness makes me imagine
Sheets from silk, pillows made out satin
The action that made everything fantastic
The times I touched those lips made me slip
Into a deep daze or haze that could amaze
I know that I wasn't perfect when we met
But this taste of your beautiful sweet sweat
That I taste from your neck and chest
I couldn't pass this moment to lose myself
I don't know what else I could give
But inside your heart is where I live
I would give anything to be there with you
I must have you inside my soul
You're the warm place inside from the cold
I know that they said I would quit
I'm so into you you that I throw fits
Cause they don't know what we have
And there fear of loneliness make me laugh
In my essence I would give you a bath
Inside my soul forever is where it last
Inside my eyes you can see my pain
But inside you is the answer to keep sane
Karma Sutra could make this better
I put to your skin the finest feathers
I don't fret to let go in the moment
It's almost an omen for me to own it
I can't let you leave without knowing me
I can't let you see that you're my only need
You're the reasons that I can't past the point
I have to say that your saliva anoints my joints
To the position that make me want you more
in this poem I must pour everything that makes smile
I have to admit I haven't done this in a while
And the Tao tells me to embrace my beauty
I find my losing it in this cutie is a Godly duty
I should have not questioned if I could be this happy
I am all these things, at 2000% passionately
Why we should never quit makes me admit
That I can never live without this bliss

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3pieceonline said...

Bravo! Beautifully written and expressed.