Friday, July 17, 2009

In the Rapture

I have been your best friend in the past
Now I feel we won't outlast the trash
Garbage and frustration we share together
Even in this weather we need sweaters
To fend and fight off the days of tears
To all of our peers it appears perfect
But behind close doors we don't deserve this
We should have never broken apart
But I was chasing my heart and that art
Is where the best things were to start
The seas could part and when they combine
I'll just push in your behind, I'm lying
I say things in anger cause that hides crying
Combining with the mind and I'm flying
To a better place with a better pace
Where you find the Jokers there's an Ace
Love bugs run through our veins and
that disillusions us to stay the same
So I refrain from the claim that we ain't
Instead I accept the fact that can't...damn

Now playing: The Isley Brothers - Make Me Say It Again Girl, Pts. 1 & 2

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