Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Lead

This has been a blog completely about my introspective existence on a celestial plane we call earth. Over the past years, I worked to be similar to the majority, though all the qualities of the majority are things that contradict me as a person. My grandma used to tell me that I was different because God had a real purpose for me. I remember several times in my life saying I want to be like everyone else. It seems that life for everyone else is so easy...they have girls, money, and all the material luxuries that the television tells me I want. Then one day...the actual day was December 7, 2008...when I woke the hell up and realizes that the world is all inside me. Every time I walk by someone, they are the exact person that I needed to see. If I was angered by something that happens to me, I am the one to blame because I should have seen what the lesson was in the experience. Today I write on this blog because I truly can say that I got everything I asked for. If you refer back to my New Year’s Resolutions, you can see the goals I set for myself this year. Crazy enough, I am accomplishing every goal on my list. I was told in the past if you accomplish one of those goals than you have made a great feat. However, the feeling of achieve everything you imagine is more fulfilling than any drug that I have ever tried. I sit here as a testament that if you want something great to come out of your life, it is possible. I know it is possible because you are reading this. Never past up the lesson that you receive in this journey of life cause they are invaluable. I write these words because at least once a month I come back and read about myself. The best way to learn about yourself is to look at your progression or regression (which was the majority of my life.) I was fortunate to have people come into my life to show me what love, beauty and strength really look like from another spirit. As I move into the new phase of my existence, I have to say that my life has been a product of my thoughts and actions...both, which took a lot of work to change. However, IF YOU DESIRE IT BAD ENOUGH, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. Keep following me, tell a friend, we are all great and I would love to hear your thoughts. Share them, because God knows why you are here today:)

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post yet again, I check your blog quite frequently and find your words very will be happy to know (i think) that when I read your new year resolutions list earlier this year, I sat down and did the same I made a list too, of everything I wanted this year and more. Although unlike you I havent been able to accomplish all of them, maybe perhaps I took too many of them on, but I was worried I would forget them...some of them I am working through. I have now come to the point that I reviewed them and focussed on the ones that are the highest priority and the ones that I want the most. Hopefully I can achieve that in the remainder of this blog has helped me immensely, I think you will find the following useful:

Take care and God Bless, Wish us both well that we achieve what we want to do and more.

A fan.x