Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Art of making Moons Collide

From the nape of your neck, I start my pecks.
To every curve and crease, I pay respect
Trace the lines of time on your skin.
I tend to spend time tasting the end of where I begin
Run my tongue across your jaw line to your chin
Tasting the sweat off this moment, we spend
Taking time to kiss every part of your beauty
I loosely view these moments are perfect
Next time is even more worth it
Moistening that desert that was once deserted
Turning it into an ocean, I want to float in
The enjoyment of you keeps me going
Caressing the heaven inside of you is the best
I don’t want my hand to touch u I must confess
I want to feel your heart pulse in each of your breaths
You were willed by the heavens to walk this earth
And in the holiness of life you were birthed
No matter how many came before you…u are first
To unearth this feeling of contentment and investment
…Into the perfect past, future and present.
You are Christmas morning with the greatest present
Sitting right under the tree like its been there for me
Eternally…I’m still learning that you were in my past
I was your wife and you were my husband the first time
But in this lifetime, I trace your thighs with my fingertips
I sip the saliva off your lips and quench my spirit
The pool of your presence makes me feel restless
As if, I need to do all and nothing in the same moment
Bite marks leave little abrasions of where I was facing
When I patiently waiting for you to cum to me
Lay here naked but your body runs to me (it’s so fun to me)
Run for me, adores me, and treats me accordantly
Watch me…watch me…watch me as I do this
Bite that lip, clinch that fist, and swim this abyss
It’s all that you could ask for and more
Tears run those eyes as you experience being alive
I love how you feel on the inside of my life
Walk the halls of this sanctuary and witness my existence
Sing along and listen to the sounds of my experiences
I don’t know if I want to dip into the cavern
Cause the slow burn of being turned on make you learn thresholds
And I want to push this one beyond what can be held in this vessel

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sweet sweet love thanks for sharing.