Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Power of Change


CAVEH ZAHEDI | I Am a Sex Addict

Meeting new people has never been a problem, the problem starts when you move into a life of excess. You find that you are addicted to the new or in my case nu nu. You see how it hinders the growth of my being. In the past couple of months, I have faced my fears without the worries of “what if”. I am overcoming the challenges that life presents to me, because what I want is greater than the moment. The decisions to pursue growth and change are not easy but I feel 10 times better when I am accomplishing them.

I have made my choice and I am perusing the goals that were once unobtainable. However, I know that I cannot achieve those goals without discipline. In the past, I thought I could gain discipline from an outside source. From a person who was wiser and more focused. Even though that is one way, I found that when you face your fears and acknowledge them it makes you willing to change them. I know now that I can also achieve discipline by having the vision to see my goals and reaching for it without the fear of falling. When we accept that we are not perfect, but we can always be better. It gives me the motivation to work harder; cause that is the happiness on the inside manifests greatness on the outside.

Peace Of Mind - Julie Dexter

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