Monday, November 10, 2008

The Week...ends

This was a very eventful weekend. I spent a lot of time indulging in some of favorite past times of recent ;-) The usual seems to consist of sipping wine, talking s#*t, and listening to good music. I have begun to frequent some places around my city and I have found that I am truly an introvert who has the ability to be an extrovert. If you are unfamiliar with introverts and extroverts its simple...introverts keep to theirselves, extroverts are outgoing. When I go out with my dudes, they usually are the center of attention. They seem to know everyone and willing to meet others, while I am more reserved and hesitant to let others enter my space. I find that I am only social when the other person initiates it. In the past I thought that my personality was meeting new people, but recently I have begun to truly try to find that quite spot and start working towards my goal. I am teetering between staying in for the winter and really facing the challenge of learning how to have "small talk" with people. Either way, I am starting to notice more about myself as the days are going on.

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