Tuesday, November 4, 2008


President Barack Hussein Obama | Obey Giant

Tonight was the single most important and powerful night in my adult life. I truly understand that I can be whatever I can imagine. I know that every child has the talents and strengths to change the world that they see around them. I truly love and appreciate that I participated and witnessed this monumental moment in this world. I go to bed feeling better than I have felt in years. God Bless America...cause it needs it.

For the first time in my adult life I am proud to be an American.
- First Lady Michelle Obama

A Change Is Gonna Come - SAM COOKE


3pieceonline said...

me too god's pupil me too

Dutchesz said...

Obama It is!

May My little brother and all the young men I admire and aknowledge inand around my life. Understand its gravity. Understand the opportunity. understand that what you may have been hoping for is here...now. and it that is up to you to uphold.

May you cross the street with you head up thinking about our next project not your race. That you to have second chance. And that you can be the next president of the United States.

Man. I can't sleep. It's out there now. I spent half the evening running around asking people how they feel around Midtown Atlanta. Most probably everyone that has the honorary status to be on my phone list has recieved an over excited call or what not From MOI! This election is pivotal in so many ways beyond race...or is it? Strangers happily obliged sharing their thoughts with me as I enthusiastically approached everyone with the same question..."how do you feel?"
White, Black, Indian, Puerto Rican and Asian...Americans... voters. I can not wait to finish editing this video. I wish i could be around the Globe right now with the people who have stayed up to watch the results...Holding their breath like we did.

This is what I am talking about when I talk about Carib-flava for its Cosmopolitan tinyness. This is what I am talking about when I remember friendships before 3rd grade. This is the US understanding the "Schoolyard Syndrome" at its finest and most destructive.

I am hopeful. Who know what will crawl out of the woodworks tomorrow like Troglodytes in a Holographic world. But I Hope that Africa, shares this feeling, that Europe recognizes the possibilities, and that tomorrow we may hug eachother some more and welcome this new reality into our lives. Look each other in the eye. I was sick and tired of whispering. Peace be with us all.

People I don't know have been hugging me all night. furthermore, I can't wait to finish editing this video. And telling al the people I love, I love them. That's what it is.

I Love you..God Bless. I am Happy and welcome to humanity.