Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make History 11.4.08


if youre out there - john legend

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Anonymous said...

You know Im down for preventing a bullshit society, I already got my own cows to pick up shit from, as all Americans do, whether if they realize it or not. I am escpecially down for the cause of supporting and securing the rights of the inidividual, not to be releigious, but if God gives us the free will to decide the path of our lives, lets decide to stop and not vote for those who want to control it. I must say I am tired of hearing poltical and economic disscussions by reporters on CNN, MSNBC, on numerous blogs, college campuses, and street corners...but Ill be damned...we will all be damned if we become tired or fall to a social, political, and economic demise for the next 4 yrs and on because of those who are tired, lazy, and ignorant, who will not excerise their voices(even if you dont have something to, for after Nov 4. your concerns and issues that "will" affect you may not be heard

last note.... VOTE EARLY (check your seceretary of state's website for locations) if your state allows you...I did 2 weeks ago!!

Sunshine aka R.C.M