Monday, October 27, 2008


Herfection poet and writer that desires change...

How do you feel?

How do you feel on those nights alone?
Cry and moan
For light to guide your way
It feels like no one is home
Hunger for life feels like no food in days…in life
Peace and serenity seem so far away
While in this dark hole I roam and play
With death all alone

How do you feel when your voice is smothered and ignored?
Left at the door
Want to be heard
Yearn for understanding
Can't fathom the air I inhale
So you chose to siege with your greed
Of what you claim this land, this moment,
And what I may be
But you fail to see
This is more than you
You have screwed you and please don't consider
That this voice will not be heard
For you have aid a harvest, a path of embracing something
That seems to be expelled from your personal Hell
Thanks for feeding the need to make them hear what you fear
What they need at last
A voice that will feed the masses
And not your backstabbing trifling ass

How do you feel when honesty is optimistic?
So realistic and raw makes a you drop your jaw with "aw"
Thought he may have thought differently
Glad to be what he told me
Thought of me
Nice to be appreciated and know that this is higher than he
Though Thee brought this to both
To feel strokes and what could be heavenly wrote
Never knew
Blushed like the few

thee does the same
Wonder if he knows that also this I proclaim
This is what I meant when I said is there something else to say or name
Saw it hiding, but not denying, just quiet, just had to wait patiently for honesty
To stop lying

How do you feel when you are gutted?
With a man wrench full of blood
Not with love
Or care
Yet he stabs
He dares
Rips your clothes
Thinks you try to moan
When you try to say no, and leave me alone
Eternal scares and tares
That the next will encounter
Unfortunately that's up for discussion of what is hirer than me
Just hope I can deal
Still be gentle and real
Had my virtue taken
By what he thought was good
Went numb to not feel him cum
My tears run
Took a shower
Longer than an hour
Still havoc toiled after it was said and done
Misery called for my life as it seem to spoil

How do you feel when you know your God's toy?
Something different
Necessarily did not sign up for this
Can't understand this man, this human, this woman
That I am
But know that I mean well
Like to smell
The goodness of what is possible…
Like early morning rising
First flowers of new abloom
The recognition of being and self and that this is more than you
More than love…if that is possible
Not more than Thee for He made me
Different as the hue that is undiscovered and then said to be new
Something to talk about
To scream and shout
Not conceded just know that I am needed
Just exactly don't know the reason

So how do you feel when this comes to the light?
At 7am, when morning as began
And the alarm clock won't end
You write, write, and write

Superwoman - Alicia Keys

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