Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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I am sitting here sharing the intimate parts of my spiritual growth and I seem to keep receiving comments about a recent post equating sports with dating. At first, I was gleeful about the newfound interest in my life’s perspectives and evolution. However, I began to realize that people were more responsive to me talking about the power of the game. For years, I was an avid student of the Art of Seduction. I would calculate every phone call I made, every good morning message I sent, and even every time I decide not to call. (So that it would develop a dependency about the next moment, we spoke.) I knew that people are attracted to the things they cannot have when they want. It is the pursuit of instant gratification that has people in trouble. All those moves were ways to create interest and desire into the world I was creating. I wrote the post to let everyone know how the game works, so I stopped and read the comments one more time, realizing I might as well show you a glance into the world you should be glad you are not a willing participant in. First, the most important rule is to know that environment dictates the introduction. You do not approach the woman at Wal-Mart the same way you approach a woman at Magic City. It all depends on where we meet. If I meet you in a club then you will get the club introduction...a complement on your shoes, a seductive glance, or a blatant "that dress is wearing you well" comment. One of the three is always the starter conversation. I have to say that I am always honest with my complements, because more than likely I do not remember what I said after I met you anyways. I will probably need a play back so that I could remember what we said anyways. I am not one for one-night stands so it is rarely that I leave the club with someone. Not because I do not want to leave with her, but because she may have an "undercover" friend that she decides to have fun with in her spare time and I am not one to pick up any extra baggage, especially not the stuff you can cure. ;0 Secondly, I know that honestly is the best policy, so if there is nothing for me to be honest about, then there is any reason to have that conversation. However, there have been nights when a bottle of Riesling and a swisher sweet will turn me into a beast. (Completely different post) As a person who considers everything, you have to learn how to read body language and act as if you know nothing. The ignorance of the whole situation makes it work better. When the other person thinks you are naive then they are more willing to accept the seduction you are inflicting on them. This is only the introduction into the past…

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Anonymous said...

I must say you are a man whose roots run very, very deep. With the progress that you are making those of us who are cheering you on only want the best for you. I have read every single one of your blogs and I dont post a lot. Not cause I am not interested but mostly cause I dont want to say anything that may harm your progress (not saying I have that ability). Keep in mind that some of the blogs affect "others" who read it as well. It is a learning experience for you as well as your "readers". Definately and eye opener for me.... As for the who dating as a sport, lol I think it was a very interesting comparison.

God's Pupil said...

Thanks...this is the growing pains of life written in cyberspace. Keep reading...it only gets better.