Saturday, August 2, 2008


Olivia Christine

See if you are reading this for the first or 50th time. You are realizing that a little inspiration with me can go a mile. I write about what I feel and that is why I'm so vivid in my thinking. Feel free to play in the pool of my thoughts. Here is a little piece from back in the day that I wrote that I would like to share with you. Peace

I drew pictures of your face in the sand.

Thoughts of you came through my hand.

With paintbrushes mixed with paint.

In the softest ink.

With the power of a tsunami my love bleeds

From the energy of a butterfly wing

Or a breeze from you breathing.

You enter into me

All of it exists beneath our beings.

I am… everything you need.

Everything you see.

When there is no you, then there will be no me.

We flee to islands off the Caribbean.

Riding tidal waves on high seas,

Lips drenched from sweating

At that moment, I inhaled your essence.

Your presence is a lesson in perfection.

I can taste your tears of pain.

And in the same moment I stop the rain.

I envision pictures of you glistening

From soft kissing, neck biting, and lip pulling.

Forgetting that it’s only four in the morning.

Cause, this is our moment.

I can’t help hearing you “moaning”

You think I forget dark nights in dark places

Tongue kissing, leaves lips bitten.

On your skin it was written.

Little pulls…pull bra off.

One kiss, next things you know it’s all on.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this

A moment of bliss

You’ll never forget

Cause you love it

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