Thursday, August 21, 2008


Buff 1

This weekend was such a reflection of my thinking. On my vision board I have twothings that came into my life over this weekend. The first occasion was on Saturday when I was privilaged to have a good friend of mine give me a laptop that I have needed for a while. I placed a laptop on my vision board about two weeks ago. I couldn't think of how I was going to get a laptop, I couldn't afford one and I damn sure didn't know anyone to just have one sitting around. Then I receive a phone call that I could have exactly what I have been thinking about.

After I picked up the laptop, which was better than the one I had placed on my vision board, I went and hung out with a good friend of mine. I was honored to go to pottery painting place and use my artist mind to create a gift that I will give to my family. This was a very ironic situation because my mind has become dedicated to being very appreciative for the things that I have. In most cases, I would make something for myself instead I made a gift to show my appreciate for the support and love that I receive from my family. I feel privilage to have such good people around me. After we finished painting I had one of the deepest conversations about the power of our thinking and actions. I have received gifts that I thought of...thus far

Creating my own reality...

Positive energy= powerful things

Break My Stride - Mathew Wilder - 1984


Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful weekend. Awe *smiling

God's Pupil said...

That's what valuable friendship are all about...having someone there when no one else is!