Sunday, August 31, 2008

Championship Rings

William Henry Gates III

I am saying it before it happens...I will be a billionaire who earned it changing the lives and thoughts of people in my community as well as the greater community in 10 years. I will travel the entire world within 5 years of this date. Finally, I will create something that world will need for as long as man walks this planet! Peace and Blessings

Master thy destiny

(moment of silence for the game)


herfection said...

Clark Kent,

I know you will receive your championship ring. I keep a Master plan of things I want to get done by a certain time also, 2 months to 10 years. I may need to post it up for myself in my apt so i can remeber my game plan also... like you do for yourself and others through your blog. Your entries help me to maintain my goals, dreams, and aspirations. The blog is a great support system, as you know, for you and others. As always i keep u and your dreams in postive thoughts and prayers. I know you will be fine...better yet great...i just have to remeber the same for myself just gets hard to beleive in the light when sometimes you swear the power keeps going out or someone keeps turning off the lights:)

Bid head Sunshine

God's Pupil said...

I appreciate the support...the Most High loves us so much that it instilled everything on the inside to make us great.:)