Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Age of Enlightenment

It is when we are left alone to THINK with a clear and unclouded mind that we create some of the most beautiful things. I have recently decided to transform my life. The first habit I changed was my surroundings. Instead of being frustrated or angry with the people I spent time with, I decide to change my energy. Everyday, since the collapse of one of my friendships, I have spent time thinking about the importance of self reliance and self sufficiency. Why keep people who don’t bring out the best in you? Why be scared of the power that you have inside? What could you accomplish when you have nothing or no one? And the answer to these questions is “everything your heart and mind could imagine.” There were individuals who were draining the enjoyment of life out of me and I was too damn scared to rid myself of them. So when I couldn't make the decision for myself, Allah made it for me! In the past, I would have replaced that emptiness with drugs or women. Honestly…way more women than drugs. This time I decide to step back and focus. Focus on my goal versus on other distractions. And I have to honestly say that I feel better than I have ever felt before. At times, I’ve struggled to find that power that pushes me ahead. I woke up this morning...thinking of the new opportunity that is ahead of me. There has been a beautiful silver lining emerging from the shadow. I realize now that I have the strength, persistence, and diligence to change the world. Last week, I was asked to educate, influence, and enlighten adults. This is the first time in a while I will be teach adults how to be better. I’m embracing all of the strength and beauty that is coming from within, because if it doesn’t come from within, then I will be without!

Positive thinking creates positive things!


Anonymous said...

You're in a good place right now. Continue to maximize the moment. They're still clapping for you from the other side, heck - some are even jumping up and down cheering because finally YOU GET IT. Get ready for great change because you've made the step in the direction they've been trying to get you on all along. How fly is that? :-)

God's Pupil said...

That is what life is about...we live and we learn!