Saturday, July 26, 2008


Kristin Kelli

Beautiful, you are my true and living love sonnet

The perfect gift that I always wanted

I am truly a part of your image and essence

I exist with your presence and effervescence

We could complain about never being happy

That's not reality when I see you laughing

Causalities happen to all those who stand between this

The message in the bottle was sealed with a kiss

You reign supreme on top of the list of wishes

While most don't know what happiness is, it is

Waking to you in the morning with the smile

That lets me know that last night wasn't too wild

And we are right back at this again with the sunrise

Cause in this room I find my sunshine

In my mind the perfect feeling rewinds

That very first time….I'm speechless

You are beyond the reaches of these words

You are the enigma that dreams birth

The thought that leads to the tongue

The feeling of that first wedding bell rung

Embracing the feeling of each other becoming one

We don't need to leave the bedroom when I'm into u

No matter what we do, this is more than sexual

This is intellectual and spiritual meeting between 2

In here we break the rules of limitation

Why care when in here we nation building

With patience and precision kisses and licks its

Great how I could careless who's pissed

When all I ever wanted was this!!!

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