Saturday, July 26, 2008


Photographer: Devgrp

If I told you that I could give you “Heaven with all of its splendors.”
Would you enter or send a message “Return to Sender.”
Now I could make you the winner of the game of virtues
The problems that would now ensue is that we know what to do
Reconcile all the issues and let our soul’s mating renew
The move I make towards you is a bold one, but my life only comes in ones.
For eons I have searched to abandon the darkening glare of loneliness’ beacon
I could never let myself go on without asking you “Could we put the right shoe on.”
Do you know that I praise you as a religion?
Give you the stars on the belt of Orion
Run the race of life a hope that in your heart I would be champion
Collect the abrasions of experience and learn from them
Take the greatest occasions in our lives and duplicate them
The roaring lion of devotion helps me stay afloat hoping you’ll return
My bed and lips stay warm anticipating turning you back on
Damn, if I could drink your bath water
And hope that your taste would drown me out of my misery
Would you then listen to me?
My thoughts contain imagery of our first night making the moons collide
My eyes covering the Zion that men have searched for, and died
The tides of the universe are giving us its karmic energy
I know there is plenty to see, but somehow I can’t simply…let go
My mind is with you, and my soul in the bellows
For God sake could you give me one chance to dance with the spirits of the ancestor you hold? Can those time be cajole with the fruits that grow from this moment being consoled
And all I want to know is “Would you please just enter my home.”

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