Monday, July 28, 2008


Angie Esmay

This is an old message I wrote to myself, I hope it helps you and I on this journey. Thank you to all the supporters. For without you I am nothing. Peace and Blessings!

My new motto is unlimited freedom (resources to support a life without fear of repercussions. I need more hustles, more grind, and more discipline. I am getting better, but I can be the best. The women are disappearing and the self improve is coming. It seems that all the women I ever work for want me to change for them. Become their boyfriend, their best friend, their friend, their subordinate, and their employee. Fuck that! I know that God has a greater purpose for me and this life. This is just a lesson in the fact that I need to stick to my grind, ride my path, and design my future. I'm letting the loose weight break off, but still holding onto the most valuable resource: my ambition! 1/27/07