Sunday, July 27, 2008

Felony Heartbreak

Maxim V

When I sit here in front of my computer reading the daily blogs of everyone who has access to music, information, and let us not forget porn. Which I have grown recently tired of seeing...for the first time ever. :) There are only so many phenotypes of porn stars. lol As I read this poem I wrote just minutes ago, I wonder to myself...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!! I’m sitting here writing an epic on the art of love making, and I am so detached from myself, that I can't help but write a fantasy world that can only be in the mind. In my poems, I want to make passionate deep fulfilling experiences. In real life, I have raunchy moments of testicular In my mind, every time I touch a woman I want to be the best she ever had. Even though I know the way into a woman heart is her mind, I want the uncut lifestyle. However, that is hard when you like her but can't love her. You can touch her but don't fall for her. When in the moment you put too much into her will, she then falls apart like the rest. I know that not all women are alike. There are some great women in this country…I have met most of them. However, there are so many impersonators. There is a line from Lauryn Hill that I quote religiously…”People lie to God every day, so what makes you think they wouldn’t lie to you.” How can you be honest with me when you cannot be honest with yourself? Shit, I just met myself and he is a mess! We profess these ideological thoughts everyday in hope that someone is moved by our words. When in fact the person who needs to move the most is YOU! Now as I am facing one of the roughest patches of my life I choose to face my demons. Man, I guess no time is better than the present…

Go Back Home - Allen Toussaint

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