Friday, April 29, 2011

The Passion of Life

Write as if it was simplistic
Living life like it's all terrific
Motivation is premade in the spirit
Talk to me and you can hear it
Young man too focus to lose it
Walking in the footsteps clueless
Who knew this would happen
She found something in my lacking
Opposite lust still are attracting
I'm laughing cause I'm stacking
She thinking I'm her Bin Laden
Easy to pursue til she enters
The experience of my center
We're different but similar
And I'm still into her
Can't fend off my competitor
Guess this confidence means little
Playing with my emotion like a fiddler
Complex love was so much simpler
Scenes of my life are just hints to her
Warming up from that sudden temper
She came from a time when he hit her
I rather live in her, the center, a winner
I'm not scared to say I fear relationships
But you make me understand I mistaken
Waiting around for the sign to enter

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