Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inspirational Looks

Kiss an angel and see my angle
Ride this emotion, could you handle
All this emotion may be dismantled
Telling the truth to the jury and panel
She told me she was gone for good
But some how we still panned out
War of the hearts; with a man down
She said I wasn't what she wanted
The perfect prey for the hunted
Post my picture on her mind: Wanted
I can't front I love this chase
Circular sex around my place
She looks me in the face and sees
Everywhere she wants to be
But in me she fear instability
I can't be what I have never been
All I am is a lover, soldier, and friend
The sex and emotions are plus
But I rather take the love over lust
This age makes it's a little more rough
The addiction to make her back hurt
Is where I determine my self worth
She takes a piece of me in her purse
My hands on her thighs are my flirts
In palm is the filth and the gift
You'll understand when you kiss my lips
This is beyond what you could imagine
Meeting at the middle
This is the tidal at the top of your T's
The perfect section of all of your needs
Maybe you could feel me with one E
But this is real ecstasy, best believe me