Friday, June 25, 2010


I wrote you a love letter in the sands of time

With each grain making up each line

With the rain from the sky helping me to create the rhyme

My hands caressed sacred parts of the earth, again

We experienced numerous adventures with different indentured relationships

Finding ourselves reminiscing the mediocre shit

That we sometimes don’t want to admit we did

I’ve learned that life is worth nothing

If I can have something

That keeps my heart thumping and bump bump bumping

I’m attempting to taste one thing

God’s closest creation to perfection

And those perfect thighs keep my eyes chastised

I’m so erect that my shadow duplicates the Obelisk

Princess, I could smell and taste simotaneosly from your neck.

Drowning myself to death with your sweat

In that moment I catch myself moaning

As if I didn’t just have you this morning.

Your breath I’m inhaling

Your body continually ejaculating

My inhibitions I’m exhaling

All because I want to be the cure for all your aliments.

I just want to ride the tidal waves of those hips

Feel your heart beat through those lips

Experience everything beautiful and fruitful

From your toe nail polish to those cuticles

I’ve imagined 300 different positions and if you have one second to listen

We could talk about it,

Right after all this kissing

Please love, how I got you thinking different dialects

The things that get you in touch with your heritage.

Is it the perfect positions?

The ways I listen?

Or the way your body almost goes into submission?

Because it all started with just one poem

And it started like this…

Excuse me miss

What’s your name?

Can you come with me?


Can I take you out tonight?

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