Saturday, February 13, 2010

BiPolar Love

I hope you don't misunderstand how I feel
In a world of fake people, my words are real
The difference between the thoughts and actions is how I deal
No, this is not my appeal or my search for a new plea deal
This is the core after you pull off all the outside peal
See, I can't show my face to the world cause what I write
I don't put this down to excite or to get you hyped on my life
Shit, I'm one second from turning off the mic and stop recording
The world can only deal with this reality in portions
We are morphing into the visuals we see on TV
And that is the complete opposite of what I be
I was there in the spot light being blinded
I was falling back, then constantly reminded
That if I stop thinking, in my words I'll find it
"It" being the answer to all these pains
Peace of Mind is arriving on the next train

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