Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fixing this Ratty House

She wanted me to say something
When I actually had nothing
Always been anti handcuffing
Never known for lovin and huggin
Then I found out the only one I hurt
Is the one standing here in my dirt
Redefined my own self worth in her
And when she changed, I find a new girl
But did she change? Or was I just a frame
Picturing me in the middle of the game
And didn't realize that I didn't read the eyes
Funny how time flies when it starts with highs
Ride that wave til we reach a certain point
Then I run cause I can't...I can't...I can't
I don't need to act as if I ain't been better
But here in the cold with this thin sweater
Feeling so salty for dealing with this Peppa
Weighting my heart against all these feathers
Seems like my own angel has another angle
Guess can't keep pushing squares in triangles
So I keep thinking that things will change
I guess this is my time for something to say

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3pieceonline said...

loving the poem and this is my song.