Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can't Be Quiet

So on the day when I'm exhausted with my reality. No Job, No Money, No Friends. I was suppose to be settled by this point in my plan. Several months in a new home and the same problems seem to be revealing themselves. I came here for love and found out the only thing that is here is Love. The career I wanted, dried up and went East. Guess they knew that the United States of Corporations were tired of carrying everyone else. Then right when everything was falling further from grace, I realized that I had the chance to run, but I made the decision to stay. Stay in a country that doesn't want me free or educated. Yesterday, I found out one of my closest friends is on his way back to jail. Would be a surprised if this wasn't his third time in three years. He couldn't afford rehab, too undereducated to be employed, and to institutionalized to change. When these days are getting worst and times getting harder, I disappear in a cloud of smoke. The only thing is that when I wake up, the problems are still there. It's rough when your sitting here knowing your problems better than the solutions. I know that I can't quit and run, but I can't stay here and die. Another prayer that has to be answered, cause I'm not leaving until I see something change.

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