Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No fans

I dedicate this to the part of me that stays angry
The one that makes me wonder if I'm Mr. Hanky
This makes me feel like I'm behind bars (Rick Slick)
Hypochondriac thought that makes me so sick
I admit to all the bullshit I've done in the past
My ass don't seem to change before the minutes last
Me and moms stay in a constant clash
Struggling to keep my ass unabashed
Couldn't see that I create all these problems
Guess cause failures are becoming constant
My girl getting sick of my lack of consistency
Like I'm not consistently thinking selfishly

I thought I could be better than I use to be
But then I realize that change is only for me
Trying to make my life more constructive
My reasons are so subjective and destructive
What the fuck is this country gonna do when I get tired
Saints die at the hands of the national televised liars

Now playing: Jay Electronica - 03 - Not A Disturbance

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