Monday, October 5, 2009

Design my Line

We can see thru those lies and why should I
Act like I don't see it, when I believe it (why)
Cause I wasn't born yesterday or last week
But with the tree reeking and me leaving
There's the reason I can't run with the heathens
Making soul stealing seem like it's peaking

I'm peaking through the nonsense that you present
So intense to get acknowledgment that you'll lose it
And you're my favorite drug, so why not abuse it
Probably for the same reason I see the illusions
And that fact that I keep confusing sex for love
So I'll have to pass all of the above until I find my place
Until the tears dry on my face cause the taste
Can't replace the distaste I that continues to chase me

The reason I've been so slow to react is my lack
Of interest in the fact that you attract...nothing
When in life, I've been searching for something
Worth more than just a quick moment of lust
I guess the older I get, the more I trust myself
I know I have me, when there is no one else

I've grown tired of the two biddies and soft lilies
Making me feel so silly cause I fall for it, literally
Now I actually step away before I'm led astray
No day is today, except for the way I stay
Duplicating my delay to be the man that I AMAZE

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