Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wake UP!!!

I'm sitting here in front of the screen at 5:45 am wondering how did this start. I find it weird to try to share myself with the world when sharing too much is detrimental to yourself. You can share about frivolous things like most Twitter accounts. Or you can chose to say things that may change peoples opinions of you...even more importantly, of themselves. I guess in this blog I will share enough of myself to make an impact. Well...

I'm here after waking up at 12:30 pm, which is unheard of my lifestyle. However, I guess I can't count out the fact I went to sleep at 5:00 am yesterday. So I spent my day doing my own version of the Ramadan fasting. I find it funny that I agree with 99% of what Ramadan means. The one thing that I can't grasp is the NO WATER. Water is God in the physical form. It is the foundation of creation, and to rid yourself of that divine element is truly powerful. But that's not for I've completed a couple of days and each day has definitely affected me. Once the sunset has come, I eat a feast. I actually have a new appreciation for food, because I see how it is so readily available to everyone. I use to think that I was addicted to food, especially on cloudy days. I would eat more calories than I needed it led me to put on weight fast. Anyways, I feel I made good use of the time up. I went to the gym and ran two miles on random...which is hard body if you try it. Hit the weights and came home and cooked for myself. I never cooked growing up out of laziness and the fact that everyone I ever lived with was a good cook who enjoyed cooking. I know it is important to learn, so I'm taking baby steps...

Now I'm slowing down...I had the vitality of a 20 year old still trying to hang out. But got hit by the 25 year old sleep before the game goes off.

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