Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spit in your face

Over the past two months, almost every "friend" I had has turned there back and kept moving. When everyone turns their back on you that's when you find out who you are in this world. I'm standing here with my family and $5 in my pocket. While no one wants to take care of another person, I find it crazy that so many people told me that they ain't here for me...

Now I'm standing here in the middle of nowhere and no one will stop to help...so I keep walking. I don't forget all the people who have spit in my face when I'm standing here at the bottom. I am not vengeful or angered that people are like this, I'm happy they showed up when I'm here. Cause when I get all the things I will have, they are the first ones I will remember :)

Thank you for giving me more motivation.
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