Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Collapsed Thoughts

Standing here lost, but can't run from reality
No salary can determine btwn Mickey and Mallory
That is the venomous trait we contain has a name
It was always simple and plain, but my veins aims
Right to the center of the indenture souls that reign
This is the man who communes with God daily
As a kids they told me I was always crazy
Cause I wasn't running around having babies
With foul ladies that made sex look so easy
But when I grew older, bolder, and lil colder
I thought instead of molding soldiers
I would use my spirit to move boulders
Mind wide awake like I had Folgers
Mixed with Cocaine and Coca Cola
Enemy of the State, satellites are vultures
But my rhymes and lines are more refined
Told my moms at nine that I was divine
I guess that why my life of crime fell short
Did stupid things but never got caught
Had an infatuation with the thoughts I fought
Every night that I sleep, they creep and haunt me
So instead of fighting back I went into the light
The only thing that I was left with was the right
To see beyond the hype and Black Man's plight

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