Monday, April 13, 2009


Some people are going to wonder why I am writing about the government, institutionalism, and various other topics. I will tell you now that I am truly a revolutionary at heart. I believe that the common person deserves to choose their lives and lifestyles. That there is no group of individuals should be able to rule over the vast majority. Please understand, I am not a person who believes that all humans are great people, but I do not believe that all people are fools. I am revamping my blog, because I know this is the time to start using my ability to educate people as a way of teaching others about the travesties that are being created both home and abroad. I will share the information that I have received as a way of showing others that it is time for us to organize and stand for what we believe in. FREEDOM!

I cannot play naive to the fact that the same country that was established on fight against taxation has now become the country to in debt all of its citizens. I despise the fact that the power that be have used a puppet Black man to push through the lies and deceit on to the people of this nation. I am an educated, influential, articulate individual who sees through the deception of color. Just because their skin may look like mine does not mean they play for my team, ask Clarence Thomas. It is time for people to began to wake up from the false reality of this America dream and begin to make the necessary CHANGE to make a place where our families and children can live at peace, or damn sure able to fight for it. I hope that you are prepared for the journey we will take together. May your higher self bless you in this fight!

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