Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It scares me...

Found this one in the archives and was thinking I should share it with the world...

I drip drops of wine down you spine
Sipping the fluid drop off ur fine behind
Watching how u are aligned with my hands
Knowing rivers run deep as ur lips expand
How that chest expands as I kiss that back
Pushin harder against u until we collapse
Having those relapses of the first time we attract
I can't believe how this could be all so simple
Bite marks all over your frame, rearranged
To say the same of the moments we claim
Now that I got u warmed up, I find u insatiable
The sweetness of all the best fruits
My hair pulling is tearing the roots
I can't stop cause I want you to c** for me
Without me being inside the warmest seas
Can u feel me behind those knees
All over your body I play life's keys
No tease can please like me licking that body
This is organismic!!!
If it end it would be tragic
I want to break this craftmatic
Soak through these fine fabrics
Next time we will get to the action:)

Send For Me - Atlantic Starr

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